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Sean’s new books will be available here in PDF format for quick downloading.
The prices will be very reasonable. Other formats will likely also be available.
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Look for BRAIN FREEZE in late spring, 2024.
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The Central Oregon Muscle Encounter Series

The Central Oregon Muscle Encounter (COME) series will feature stimulating stories about guys who meet the muscle man of their dreams. The stories are set in beautiful Central Oregon, with lots of sunshine (yes, Central Oregon gets a lot! Believe it!), lots of romance, and an extra-huge helping of… well… muscle. These stories are sure to get the aficionado of male muscle into the mood for some majorly “gratifying” pleasure. Brain Freeze will be the first installment, due late Spring 2024, with more books in the works—some nearly completed!

Brain Freeze

TRAJAN is blond, buff, and beautiful. He’s also a writer of gay romance and erotica. He has some money too, so his life is really good. When he sees MICAH in the ice cream shop of Central Oregon’s Riverwood Resort, all of his alarms ring—good, arousing, stimulating alarms. Micah is striking in his good looks, and Trajan immediately goes all-out to court the man. The chemistry between the two is spectacular; they hit it off on every level.

But when Micah gets parental pushback for his sinful ways, things get tossed on their ear. You have to know, though, that the story of Micah and Trajan will leave you satisfied and full (and hopefully, empty in a way). 🙂

Brain Freeze is a romantic M/M Muscle Novella that is full of passion, muscle, and deep connection (and not necessarily in that order). It is light on angst and plot twists—and an HEA is guaranteed. You will enjoy this little summer romp through the Central Oregon High Desert. Micah and Trajan are waiting for you to discover them!

Check back soon!

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