was infected with malware and is not recoverable.

Unfortunately, with all the health issues I’ve been going through lately
(I may have mentioned them at the now-defunct,
I have no plans to rebuild it at the moment.
As one of the “creative types” I didn’t do a good job of backing up the site,
so rebuilding it would have to be from scratch.

An archive of the site can be found here:
and many of my stories are available there if you poke around.

I know this is a big disappointment to many of you. Obviously, it is to me as well.
I will let you know if/when I get back up on my feet enough to start again.
I still hope to post my newest book(s) for download here on this site. Stay tuned.
If I can, I plan on (re)posting my “Key To My Heart” stories here, once I feel a little better.
Thanks for your support and your understanding.

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