About Sean

Sean Reid Scott

Sean was born at a very young age, Before he even knew the word “gay,” he realized he was attracted to men. His attraction was specifically toward very muscular, ripped, buff, and jacked men. When he got old enough to write decent material, he started writing about his fantasy men. Needless to say, his English teacher was not impressed.

But Seanny persevered.

When he started fiddling around with websites, he built one to feature his appreciation for muscle men. He also started sending his stories to nifty.org, a site that holds a few of his stories.

Sean is a proudly “afflicted” with Sthenolagnia. If you are too, you’ll enjoy his stuff!


Sean’s Books

Sean has written a number of gay erotic-romance books, and is now devoting himself solely to muscle stories—books that are centered around
muscle worship and appreciation.
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