17SiegeCover01bThe Siege of Raedin Eagle

Book Three in the Tales of Monarchy Rae



Monarchy Rae, on the Isle of Blid, is an ancient middle-earth-type land. The peaceful, somewhat agrarian society minds its own business; Blid’s people enjoy the simple life. But, the term “tolerance” is not in their lexicon. The old ways rule, and the idea of alternative love is not accepted.

Thus, those who participate in the Unspeakable (men who lie with men—called “Manmen”), are rounded up and conveyed to a village called Terrymide. There, for some reason, these Manmen grow into huge, hyper-muscular beings: Megas. They are amazingly strong and big, rippling with sensual, lean, hugely-developed, overwhelming muscle.

The Siege of Raedin Eagle finds the Manmen/Megas of the land rising up against the intolerant, evil, Manman-aphobic Mon (Monarch).

Neos, the ridiculously muscular “Big Terrymider” leads the Megas as they prepare to converge on the Capital City, Raedin Eagle, and overthrow the Mon. But there are huge obstacles to overcome—not the least of which is a challenge to Neos' position as the leader of the Megas. Jalen, an up-and-coming Mega who lives in the land's largest city, is determined to unseat Neos. And if there is one man in all of Blid who matches Neos’ incredible body, it’s Jalen. In a test of strength and wits, Jalen takes Neos to the limits of his muscular physique. Who will prevail? If it is Jalen, will he have what it takes to lead the Megas in their quest against the Throne? If Neos maintains his position as Big Terrymider, will his love for his Man, Lake, prove to be a distraction to the Actions?`

This will be the ultimate conquest, and the ultimate tale of Unspeakable lust, man-on-man sex, and much debauchery (with a light dusting of fun and humor thrown in).

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