The Tales of Monarchy RaE

A trilogy


This series begins with Winter Falls, the story of Lake, a young man living in the small village of Gaeburn, Monarchy Rae. The social values in this "middle-earth"-type kingdom are medieval, and tolerance is not in the lexicon.

When a huge, gorgeous man from the village of Terrymide comes through town, Lake is enamored with the man’s confidence and astoundingly muscled physique. The “Manman” (a man who does the thing with men— and not a lady) stirs in Lake feelings that should not be stirred in a man. He makes Lake want to do the “Unspeakable.”

In book two, There Will Be Four, Lake and the hugely-muscled Mega man trek to the town that's the home of the Manmen. It is there that Lake has to make some heart-rending decisioins, and set the course for the rest of his life.

Book three, The Siege of Raedin Eagle, finds the Manmen of the land rising up against the intolerant, evil Mon (Monarch). They intend to converge on the Capital City, Raedin Eagle, and overthrow the rulling House, replacing it with the rightful House of Dusky Tuh (lead by Lake's new love). Book three will be available late summer, 2017.